Buylogic is a company in continuous growth. We seek to attract the best people within the fields of purchasing, contract management and logistics.

Purchasing is the procurement of goods and services. Purchasing involves all activities from the point where needs arise until the goods/services are invoiced.

Contract management
Contract management is all tasks related to planning, preparation, execution, awarding and monitoring of contracts.

Logistics is a term related to all the planning and systematizing of the material and personnel demands. Actual physical handling of goods is not part of our logistics.

Why work for us?
If you want to participate in an expanding company with highly motivated employees, who values professional pride and solid expertise, then you should talk to us!

• We offer a solid skill environment focusing on purchasing, contract management and logistics.
• We organize discussion groups for exchanging ideas and enhancing skills.
• We work as a team who seeks to challenge each other
• We seek more competent and proud employees to our team.
• You will participate in developing Buylogic to be the most recognized center of competence in the region.

Required experience, education and abilities:

• Experience from purchasing, contract management or logistics, preferably 2-5 years or more.
• Education within administration or technical fields at bachelor or master level can be an advantage, but not an absolute requirement
• Good written and oral presentational skills in English and Norwegian.
• To genuinely care about supply chain management and to wish to participate in a growing company.
• To recognize the importance of the ambassador role when working at customer location.

Do you feel these points apply to you, and wish to join us on an exciting journey? If so, we like you to contact us. If you call or e-mail us, we will give you a reply.


Per Ove Stålesen
Mobil: + 47 907 71 494