Supply House Light

This solution takes care of the demand for non-strategic purchasing. We are a professional supplier from the point where demand arises all the way to payment. This makes it possible for the customer to allocate their recourses further into their own value chain. Supply House Light is perfect for companies who do not want to allocate recourses to fields outside their core business. The customer is free to define their own scope and level for this solution.

It is a service for customers who wants to use their own procurement system, their own frame agreements and their own procedures. With a solution like this, direct and indirect internal costs will transfer from fixed costs to variable delivery costs.

The service is performed at Buylogic’s own location. We assist the customer in deciding on a scope of work that will meet customer needs, expectations and requirements. Personnel who perform these services have extensive and relevant experience from the oil and gas industry. They know both the supplier market and the operational challenges.


Per Ove Stålesen
Mob: +47 907 71 494