Supply House

Buylogic has established an independent Supply House solution containing standarized resource catalogues for non-strategic material and services. The Supply House is established for customers seeking to outsource this type of procurement, and contain several solution models that can be tailored for each customer. Our goal is to professionalize and optimize the customers Purchase to Pay (P2P) process in conjunction with customer’s need. Agreements, procurement and communication towards the suppliers market are performed by Buylogic. Taking part in our agreements results in Buylogic getting improved buying power and lower prices due to aggregation of customers demand patterns.

Advantages to choosing Supply House:
• The service includes outsourcing of a customers entire procurement department, or parts of it. This is a solution for organizations that would like to focus on their core businesses. By outsourcing non-strategic purchases the customer is able to focus, and improve the strategic purchases, which again will give the customer large financial savings. In addition, the customers will reduce their transaction costs in terms of a more effective P2P process, reduction in number of suppliers, increased use of the resource catalogues and less invoice and delivery deviations. Challenges like personnel absences, project demands and seasonal changes are transferred from the customer to Buylogic.

• Customer demands determine the complexity and scope of the Supply House Service. The service includes scope of work, work methods, areas of responsibility and the physical location of the procurement team. The procurement team consists of Supply Chain Management personnel with varied fields of expertise, which grants us the flexibility to meet customer’s changing needs.


Per Ove Stålesen
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